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Cupping on the 02092009

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hi all, today we have Vic joining us on our weekly cupping of our coffee. Before i go into more details on the tasting notes by Keith, Vic & myself, i would like to inform everyone that we have made some modifications to our Oriole Blend.

Before all of you start screaming ‘NO!’… i would like to assure you that although the blend has been changed from Colombian, Guatemala & Panama to a Blend of Mexican, Peruvian & Panama, the flavours and all other attributes has been retain. The reason why we are changing certain coffee in our blend is because we are always in search for coffee that are ‘IN-SEASON’ Coffee that will bring our the best flavours in our Blend. So be assure once again that your are in good hands.

Back to our cupping session today. This is Vic’s ‘Virgin’ attempt at cupping. He got Oily musky aroma, nutty and earthy in the body. Bitter sweetness in the after-taste. Pretty good descriptors for a first attempt.

Keith, with his usual wonderful palate, describe the fragrance as musky, wet wood, lemon peel. Aroma at break with blueberries, lemon, salty. Dark herbal, gulamelaka, cinnamon, cardamon in the flavour. Orange like acidity, almost close to orange peel. Medium body with bitter choc after-taste.

And I got Chocolate in the fragrance, earthy & musky aroma, more inclined to lemony acidity, earthy body like a good Indon coffee. overall a balance coffee.

Well, done blogging about our cupping session for today.

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