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Roast of the Week: Sweet Columbian!

Roast Date: 29/9/09
Tasting Notes
Dry aroma: Toasted bread on the dry aroma
Wet Aroma: Carmelised muscovado, orchids
What a nice diversion! Finally we’ve got some great Colombian back into our blend. It’s been a loooong wait but all is worth it. On first pull we were getting overtly bright notes. But alas we down dosed, fined it up and set the brewhead temp at 93.6C. Once we really allowed for expansion the sweet notes finally came bursting forth. It really put a great big smile on our faces and a spring in our step.
Recommended as:
Sweet chocolate and burnt caramel aromas. Lively citrus and lime acidity overlaid over dark herbs and ginger root flavours. Syrupy thick textures with very long and  distinctly  dark chocolate and nut finish. Frankly we’re amazed at the the current state of this week’s roast. Perfect for espressos now till hopefully another 6 days, afterwhich we should see a reversion to just sweet chocolates.
Suprisingly intense and sweet hazelnut flavours sprang forth with only a light touch of foamed milk. Amazing how cream changes the nature of coffee! Highly recommended…

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