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Latte Art ThrowDown II (part 2/3)

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Our coverage continues..

We have Faz from Jones stepping up to the machine, & we have a double heart on display. Good Job! Jocelyn from Spinelli, got ‘forced’ by Kimberly to take a shot at the machine, she pulled a lovely rosetta to give everyone a run for their money…

Faz having a go at the machine

Jocelyn of Spinelli

max smiling for the camera

Next up, we have Max (-the winner of Oriole’s previous round of Throwdown and, currently churning out coffee at Aerin’s). We can feel the pressure he is under to claim another round of bragging rights as he placed a lovely heart on the judges table.

Terence stepping up!

Terence from Kova wows the judges with a showcase of triple hearts. You can see that it went well with the 2 lady judges. Well done Terence.




Danny PangDanny from Espressoul shows what a seasoned showman can do by pouring a nicely defined rosetta with no pressure at all. Fareed of Gloria Jeans gets a rosetta onto the table almost effortlessly.

Fareed from GJIan from CuppaIan Consulta, award winning barista from CuppaChoice, shows everyone why he is one of the best by pouring an angel with a halo. Kudos to him for pulling off such a feat.






Vic from Oriole did not disappoint by pulling his new design. What should I call it? A two way rosetta? Till I find another name. My dear friend Chris Yeo from Spinelli does what he do best, charming the ladies with a beautiful heart on the top of the coffee. Well done my friend. Shin Hao from Starbucks, putting a very composed display with a HD (high-definition) rosettaVic looking intensely at the coffee.ShinHaoChris preparing his milk




DayardNext up, we have a last minute entry, (I think he’s Dayard, will someone please help me on this!) what a nice rosetta, he poured it and twist it to the side. What a different art he has displayed to the judges. Under the crowd’s insistence, Mr Ross Bright, Vice Chairman of the SCA steps up to show everyone that a Master Roaster can pour a rosetta as well as any Barista. Chris Short calls it a rosetta with a halo. Nice one Ross.Ross, our vice-chair of SCA




Next up, the results!

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