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January 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally the long-awaited hoarding in front of us has ‘officially‘ came down, and a walk-way between us and 313 @ Somerset is paved! To me, this is like a whole new beginning for Oriole, with the bright warm rays flooding into the interior of our friendly nesting ground. Also, the sight of rapid human traffic flow beyond the alfresco area is just the kind of visuals we desire to achieve – – “people-watch“.

I do not know what kind of mixed feelings you may have, but to me, whether it is a sunshine morning, tired afternoon or good-to-catch-up evening,  it really feels relaxing to be sipping a wondeful cup of freshly-brewed Piccolo Latte and get tucked away in a cooling alfresco corner to watch the town whirl into another shopping madness.  A little unexpected surprise came from the elongated pond next to our alfresco dining tables. I could not imagine the amount of effect it has added to the atmosphere for outdoor dining and espescially so for a good happyhour chill out!

If you haven’t been around since the opening of this Somerset Discovery Walk, I think you should really have to book a slot in your busy weekend schedule to come check out the kind of ambience I have been bragging about here.

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