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New Single Origin Offerring, Sumatran Wet Processed Lake Toba

February 9, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

This month our single origin is a fresh roast of a coffee close to our hearts just across the sea in Indonesia. This lot of coffee is from North Sumatra from the region of Parapat (east of Lintong) along the shores of Lake Toba. This region sits on an extinct volcano and is blessed with soil naturally rich in nitrogen. As such, much of the coffee grown here is done without the use of fertilizers and can be considered organic, although there is no official certification.

The 100% arabica (catimor varietal) ripe cherries grow at an altitude 800 to 1200 metres and the cherries are pulped wet, then dried on local patios overnight to lower their moisture content before transportation (to prevent fermenting  by farmers). Once at the processing mills  in Medan, the green coffee is further sun-dried on concrete patios before being hulled, machine-sorted (gravity tables), then hand sorted for defects before final bagging.

We roasted this coffee gentlly and brought it slowly into first crack and eased it lightly into a little after second crack. On first cup the caramel and light fruit and lemony flavours surprised us as we were expecting more smoke and earth and spices. After day three the roast finally settled into a beautifully balanced of typical Sumatran coffee flavours. On the fifth day on a lark we decided to pull in on espresso and it tasted rich and spicy with some lightness of flavour that we had no idea where it came from, but it did balance off the whole palatte!

On espresso: heavy, dark chocolates, spices

On milk: rich, peanutbutter, caramel (piccolo latte!)

plunger: heavy, aromatic, earthy, slightly herbal.

filter: clean, very long herbs finish on the nose and tongue

retail: 13.00nett/ 250gm


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