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The New Born

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s been a long anticipation for us to become a Boutique Roaster and here we are, introducing the Diedrich IR7!

Diedrich IR7 is a small-batch coffee roasting machine, a size good enough to fit into Oriole. We have always wanted to own and roast our own coffee beans because we want to maintain the quality of beans used, and at the same time obtain the optimum flavour and freshness from the beans by going through a very prescise and thorough roasting process. In order to realise our wish successfully, Keith was flown to The London School of Coffee (check out also “come on baby light my fire“) to undergo a professional course to master the roasting process of developing the desired flavours out from each bean. Hence the reason for choosing this brand/model is definitely because of its ideal level of control and consistency over the roasting process.

Right now, we are more than excited to share our joy with you, because we have successfully produced our own Oriole’s Single Origin coffee beans!  The sumatran beans that are used in this single origin production, is extremely smooth and it gives a very medium bodied taste with a slight tinge of acidic to balance it off. It is best drunk either as plunger-pot or drip coffee.

Our beans are right now available in-house, so come on down to try our new roast! If you really like our coffee, you can even purchase a bag of our coffee beans home and make your brew..~~~

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