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Post SNBC preparation

March 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Just when everyone feels that the 2010 Singapore National Barista Championship (SNBC) competition has come to calm, I am here to tell you, Oriole is not the least bit at its rest mode.

Just on the contrary, Owner-cum-barista of Oriole cafe Keith Loh has came in Champion for this year’s competition, hence we are more gear up than not for the many up and coming coffee programs.

If you have not come to realise that Oriole Cafe & Bar had actually sent in 5 competitors for this year’s challenge, Yes we did. In fact all of our baristas did very well in the competition, but all of the contestants’ scores were so narrow apart, we manage to have Keith, John & Vic successfully battled into the finals. Their competing beverages were Citrus Sin, Passion Conpana & Apple Strudel respectively. Since these are award-winning beverages, we are definitely introducing these speciality coffee beverages into our new coffee menu.

We have already launched the lot of carefully roasted Cup Of Excellence Nicaragua coffee beans from La Leona. And because this quality coffee is able to develop really delicate cocoa flavour with a long sweet finishing, we find that it is best consumed using the Drip Over of French Press method to achieve the optimum characteristic.

Besides the Cup Of Excellence Nicaragua coffee beans, we have also obtained beans of different varietal such as Colombia, Sidamo Ethopia, Guatamela and the likes. With these varieties, we have came out with our very own Oriole Blend which consist of 75% Colombia and 25% Guatamela that is really balance and refreshing to consume as an espresso. We have 2 types of Single Origin coffee that are elegantly instil with extremely interesting flavours to savour over light pastries.

Citrus Sin

Swing by Oriole Cafe & Bar soon, so that our baristas will be able to showcase some of our coffee appreciation techniques, and give it a go at our award winning Citrus Sin.

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Cup of Excellence – Nicaragua Lot 15#

March 2, 2010 Leave a comment

We have recently imported an exquisite lot of coffee beans from farm of Nicaragua – La Leona.  The farm is at an altitude of 1200meters above sea level, and receives not just water from a virgin mountain, but also special care throughout the growing and picking process, all the way to the time of fermentation.

This is a batch of washed and sun dried treated beans with aromas of orange, apple, floral, chocolate, honeydew, melon, mango and hints of cocoa.

Acidity is considered rather bright, fine, elegant and citric orange. You may also be able to detect notes of creamy body, long sweet finish.

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