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The Knock-Out Rounds

Excitement. Fun. Anxiety. Entertaining

This is the 3rd Latte Art Throw Down event held by Oriole Cafe & Bar since 2009. It was past 7pm and the few of us(organisers) were eager to see competitors popping up, but non yet. Slowly, 1 or 2 new +  familiar faces started to surface as the time approached 7.20pm on Tuesday (27th July2010). Instantly, the corner for challenges got flooded with enthusiast, competitors,  supporters, onlookers and people from coffee joints all over Singapore. ( I must say that the event was much more interesting than anyone could expect) Anyway, we welcome anyone who wish to compete, so it was pretty awesome to have 24 participants this round, which allowed a change in the competing format, which is – the Knock-Out system. The competing rounds were determined based on the numbering lots each participant has picked for him/her-self (please see chart below).

I think the chart does tell a lot about how the atmosphere went for that evening. Maybe I am wrong, but whoever has signed up for competition this time must be eyeing at those attractive prizes, and making it a much tougher match than ever. I have to agree that the prizes offered this season is a lot more inviting, hence  Keith being the host of the evening, added spice and seasoning to the existing tension amongst the competitors, with much intention to force these competitors to a higher level of challenge. Unbelievably, every single barista who competed, scored extremely well, making it a real tough time for the judges to decide who should move on to the next round of challenge.  The air around surely did stiffened & became more stressful while waiting for the successful name list to be released.


Didn’t I tell you it was really not easy

for the judges to select the section winner?




After 33 rounds of tough face-off, the 3 finalist evolved, and they are non other than Adam (Blue Mountain), Guo Li (Highlander) & Harris (Black). Not too easy to fake a smile, as the intense atmosphere still surrounds them tightly, until the results were released. Honestly, I did not think these 3 finalist arrived at Oriole with the intention to win the throw down championship that evening. But what  I can see is, each and every single one of them are all very dedicated when presenting their skills at the latte art pouring; the passion and effort are seen in each cup from the art.

Afraid that you may not have seen enough of this “Latte Art Throw Down 3” event? Wish to know how these guys managed to get to the top 3 positions?  We’ve made it possible for you to view & re-view the entire challenge on the live streaming we’ve plugged in the other night http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8545326. Some of the other little things we did to make it an even more eventful night on Tuesday, hope you will enjoy the bits of all these efforts. Cheers!

gadgets set up to capture the best shots for live streaming 3rd camera for 3D effect "my job = your eye pleasure"

winner gets all

We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our heart felt gratitude to all time supporters for Oriole Latte Art’s throw down activity:
Singapore Coffee Association & GreenFields Fresh Milk products for this successful event 


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  1. Terence T
    August 20, 2010 at 8:19 am

    I think Guoli went down to Oriole without intending to participate until I coerced him into signing up for the throwdown!

    Thanks for getting this organised, I think it really brings a sense of belonging to the coffee enthusiast/barista community.

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