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Single Estate Offerrings- Fazenda Rodomunho

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Farm: Fazenda Rodomunho
Varietal: Acaiá, Catuaí, Icatú, Mundo Novo
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 900-1,050 metres above sea level
Owner: Cristiano Ottoni
City: Rio Paranaíba (Minas Gerais)
Region: Alto Paranaíba, Cerrado
At Oriole Coffee, this bean currently forms  the base of our espresso blend, providing that powerful creaminess and chocolaty body. It also works beuatifully as a brew coffee as it’s balance, body and malted flavours showcase what Brazillian coffees are truly appreciated for. We currently serve it as a single-cup filter and it is available for sale in our 250gm retail packs.

This Fazenda is located in the highest region of the cerrado region in the state of Minas Gerais, an area known for producing truly exceptional coffee.

The Dias and Ottoni families  are seasoned and respected coffee producing familes in this prestigious area of Brazil since the early 1800’s. This farm also champions social and environmental responsibility. Their labour are paid well above average for the sector  and are provided with modern housing, sanitation, utilities, schools, medical and even sports facilities with the idea that happy workers produce quality pickings.

The growing areas are also designed to minimise their environmental impact (active recycling, organic farm practices, solid waste recycled to soil, and natural/ pulp natural process greatly reduces water consumption).

The farm has won several awards and Rodomunho has also been present at Cup Of Excellence competitions.

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