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Café Familia Montaño

May 3, 2011 Leave a comment

We are very happy to introduce this micro-lot coffee that we have gotten our hands on, sadly we only have a very limited stock as this is a well sought after coffee that  our friend kindly shared with us.


Country: BOLVIA
City: Coroico
Region: Nor-Yungas
Altitude: 1,460 metres above sea level
Variety: Typica, Catuaí and Caturra
Processing: Semi-washed and sun-dried on raised drying screens
Owner: Cervando Montaño Rocha

Cervando Montaño Rocha has been growing coffee in Bolivia’s green and mountainous north Yungas region since 1977. After both his parents died of Yellow Fever when he was five years old, he was taken in and brought up by a local family, on whose farm he worked until the age of 20. That year he was gifted a coffee farm of around 10 hectares in return for his hard work for the family.

Cervando’s farm is located at an average of 1,460 metres above sea level, some 115km from La Paz and 7km from the mountain town of Coroico. The region is blessed with ideal conditions for growing coffee – a temperate climate, fertile soil and high altitude. Cervando originally planted out the Arabica varieties Typica and Catuaí, and later also added some Caturra trees to the farm.

The coffee is entirely organic and grows in the shade of native forest trees, providing habitat for the many birds and insects that can be seen on the farm. The coffee cherries are picked by hand when fully ripe, washed, and sun-dried on raised drying screens.

Cervando is now married to Alejandra Ramos and has 10 children – 6 girls and 4 boys, who grew up helping their parents on the farm. His son, Damian Daniel Montaño Ramos, won 19th place at Cup of Excellence in 2007 with Café Inca.

This Bolivian coffee offers green apple acidity, smooth & syrupy mouthfeel, short dry finish, hints of figs in its aftertaste.

Stay tuned for more exciting and interesting coffee coming up. :)

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