Our Coffee

There is no such thing as the perfect espresso…

Ever since we started formulating our espresso blend we realised that there were so many issues that we had to address. Which flavours shall we create? Chocolate?  Fruit acids? Herbs? Sugars? After rounds of discussions we came to realise that we needed another way to approach our philosophy behind the espresso that we serve

We needed to constantly tune our espresso blend because the flavours in our espresso will always change. Why?  Because coffee is an organic product that changes from harvest to harvest, year after year. The beans in our blend also age at different rates and this affects the balance of flavours. So we refocused on the process of creating a blend that upholds itself to the best quality in terms of balance, flavour and aromas. By doing so we have established our quality control parameters down to the following guidlines:

1) source green coffee of the best quality available to us

2) roast our coffee beans weekly, maintaining an inventory never more than 21 days (the average shelf life of roasted coffee)

4) cup (taste) every roast, fine tuning the roast profiles according to empirical cupping results

5) maintain a blend that always strives for balance between sweetness, acidity, aroma, body and aftertaste.

6) train our baristas vigourously to master the equipment and extraction process

7) maintain the best equipment possible

8) constantly updating our current knowledge of coffee and implementing the latest concepts of coffee best practices

9) pushing ourselves to explore the boundaries of delivering the best coffee possible

By adhering to these operational guidelines we have moved our espresso blend’s flavours to beyond the mere ‘chocolate’ & ‘caramel’ and bring in other concepts like seasonal variations and more delicate flavour profiles. These flavours will continue to change with time depending on what quality green coffee we can source. However underlying these changes will always be one constant: balance and excitement in flavours.

Seasonal espresso encompasses a belief that the process of discovering new expressions is more important than one perfect espresso: the perfect espresso is a process rather than an end result.

By chasing this process we commit to always evolving our taste. To be practical and to really understand coffee production on both the macro and micro level.

In the end, we hope to bring all of these parts together and in the hope that the sum will be so simple yet greater that it’s parts combined and deliver to you a truly great shot of espresso.

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